Enabling open science and societal engagement in research

On the 1st of July 2021, the Science with and for Society (SwafS) organised a workshop to discuss what could be done to encourage open science and societal engagement initiatives within research organisations across Europe. Invited to this workshop were members of the European University Alliances under the European Universities Initiative and representatives from projects involved in the Responsible Research and Innovation institutional change portfolio, which included us at the ResBios project.

Barcelona Bound - Second Mutual Workshop

In the last week of November, ResBios held its second Mutual Learning Workshop. For many of us it was a fantastic opportunity to meet up in person for the first time since the onset of the global COVID pandemic, and those who could not make the journey were able to contribute to the workshop online. During this week the ResBios team were looked after very well by our wonderful partners from Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM) in (not so sunny) Barcelona.

RRI Explained- A Podcast about RRI and Resbios

Through a series of podcast interviews with key project leaders and some animated short videos, we will explain to you exactly why each of the key pillars of RRI are important, and how by adressing these issues we can build a better relationships between science and society, and how ResBios hopes to promote these ideas within research institutes across Europe, and beyond.


Join Tomaž Grušovnik, associate professor and senior research fellow from the University of Primorska- for a lecture on the role of ethics in bioscience research.

Resbios Policy Brief - mutual learning for RRI in biosciences

After careful review, the team at Resbios is proud to share with you our Policy Brief No1.

ResBios Open Dialogue:Gender & Career development versus COVID 19

Join us on May 28, at 15:00-16:30 (CEST) for the next ResBios Open Dialogue:Gender & Career development versus COVID 19

Short course about Сurrent Opportunities and Perspectives of Bioinformatics

The discovery of the structure of DNA occurred almost 70 years ago. Now scientists are able not only to decipher the structure of genes, but also to predict the function of each gene, their sequences, edit them and create new ones. All this became possible due to the development of computer technology and the emergence of a new direction in science - bioinformatics.

ResBios Open Dialogues: A Webinar about Science communication with a gender perspective, what does this really mean?

ResBios Open Dialogues Science communication with a Gender Perspective: what does this really mean? A closer look into biosciences

Triggering RRI-oriented changes in research organizations in the Biosciences

The detailed design of the Grounding Actions (GAs) foreseen in the RESBIOS project has been recently finalized. They will be implemented by 4 Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) who are going to implement for the first time RRI oriented actions. For this reason, we also define “beginners”. The 15 GAs are aimed at practicing RRI through specific activities focused on one of the 5 RRI keys (Education, Ethics, Gender, Open Access, Public Engagement).

Press Releases

Press release #1: Research organisations from across Europe have launched a major new project

It aims to embed Responsible Research and Innovation into the biosciences.

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