The next new normal… How our Ukrainian partners are carrying on!

As of the day of writing this, it has been 65 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, and during this time our thoughts have been with our friends, colleagues and the people of Ukraine. And although they have been struggling throughout this difficult time, and despite the fact the conflict has reached the once safe western regions of the country, our partners at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (IFNUL) are doing everything they can to continue to carry out activities and help promote the positive changes we hope to achieve through the ResBios project and the implantation of RRI, and we are so proud of our colleagues right now! For continuing to put their students and academic staff first, through the chaos going on around them.

So we just wanted to take this time to talk through how our IFNUL team have had to adapt again to support the education of their students, and promote the ideals of RRI within their institution.

The university resumed their teaching programs a month ago, although some of the logistics involved in migrating lessons to onlines platforms had already been put into place, due to the COVID global pandemic, both academic staff and students now face issues of reliable power supply and internet access. Although with the little time left before the end of the semester and of the academic year, everyone is doing their best to carry on with the teaching program. As students continue to write up their assignments and the final reports needed for them to qualify for their undergraduate degrees, the IFNUL team have created a series of online videos and resources to help their students, including guidance on how students can use the plagiarism checking software they are required to use before submitting pieces of work, including “Reference Manager Zotero” and “Reference Manager Mendeley“), which are posted on the YouTube channel of the Department of Biochemistry of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. In addition to this, the team has organised workshops for their students on “Working with electronic library and bibliography in reference managers”.

The IFNUL team has also set up a number of online platforms for their students and teachers to connect with each other, and discuss any issues they are currently facing. This has been set up through a number of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Telegram channels.

IFNUL team believes “that through our work we also contribute to the defense of our country on the educational front. Today, Ukrainians are fighting on all fronts: with weapons in hand, in the fields, sowing wheat and rye, in bakeries, baking bread for our citizens, in schools, conducting lessons for our children, in virtual classrooms, lecturing for our students. It is our real life today.”

ResBios Stands with Ukraine

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