ResBios Aims

ResBios will embed Responsible Research and Innovation-RRI- practices within four universities and research institutions in the field of Biosciences in 4 European countries, through the implementation of RRI Grounding Actions, to achieve sustainable institutional changes.

The Grounding Actions will relate to RRI keys, they will dialogue with the MoRRI indicators and will be aligned with Sustainable Development Goals. The project is focused on the biosciences sector which is one of the crossroads in the relations between science and society and it is building upon the EU project StarBios2, which ran between 2016 and 2020, setting the scene for transformative practices and tested interventions aligned with these new science policy frameworks.

ResBios Methodology

ResBios will set a mutual learning environment including the four partners implementing Grounding Actions as “RRI beginners”, supported and fostered by “RRI mentors”.

Mentor institutions have already participated in StarBios2 project, an EU funded project about RRI in biosciences, so they are experienced partners in evaluation and technical assistance. The four “beginner” institutions are the following:

Ivan Franko
University of Lviv,


University of Thrace,


Institut de Ciències del Mar, Spanish National Research Council

of Zagreb,


ResBios in a glance

The Grounding Actions will be structured in three strands,
and will be developed following the RRI keys:

Co-reflexive strand

Developing a self-reflection on the change needs in the organisation and dialoguing with the potentially involved stakeholders for co-designing the experiments.

Pro-active strand

Implementing the Grounding Actions in connection with societal actors in the territory and inside the research organisations.

Institutional strand

Developing permanent spaces of integration with society, implementing a set of institutional change inside the research organisation and reframing its governance settings.

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