Open Science (OS) is the movement initiated by scientists to make scientific research, data and their dissemination available to any member of society. From development to dissemination of knowledge, several concepts belong under the umbrella term of ‘Open Science’.

Scientists disclose all their study plans and experimental designs; they write daily blogs about their progress in the lab, revealing every detail; and then they publish in open-access journals that are assessed through an open peer-review process. And their results are stored in databases that are on open access to everyone. This is the utopia of open science.

Sven Titz

OS fosters sharing and collaboration, bringing a systemic change to the way scientific research is done. The transition towards a comprehensive, effective open science is not a straightforward one: a multifaceted cultural change remains essential to ensure scientific efforts have a real-world impact.

The Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research (FOSTER), a European-funded project, is an e-learning platform that brings together training resources addressed to those who need to know more about Open Science, or need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows.

It has developed an OS taxonomy tree, in an attempt to map the open science field
Source: Horizons Magazine

You will find detailed information about OS on the website of Orion Open Science project, an EU-funded project that addresses Open Science in an actionable way and provides several courses and training tools on its website.

The long march to open science

Many researchers are positive about the new, burgeoning science culture, but they still hesitate to enter into an open exchange of knowledge.

The elements of open science

This grassroots movement has created a plethora of new concepts. Here’s an overview.

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