Press release #3: Building a responsible bioscience network 

Although the ResBios project is coming to a close, we hope that we can leave a legacy of promoting responsible bioscience. 

At the ResBios final conference on December 7th, the consortium was very pleased to announce the launch of the International Network for Responsible Biosciences (INRB)

The network aims to build upon the success of the ResBios project and to create a community of researchers, project coordinators, science communicators, etc, interested in promoting responsible practice in the biosciences, through mutual learning and knowledge sharing. 

The ResBios consortium will act as the core team for this network and will provide the framework for many of the earlier training materials, events, and communications. But as the network grows it is the hope of the INRB that other members will start to contribute more, and from this, a community will grow! 

Being part of the members will give you access to our database of members, our messaging board, our bi-annual newsletter, and a collection of useful resources that will help facilitate responsible research and innovation within the biosciences fields. We will also be organising online workshops and training events, which will be available to members and non-members alike. 

If you would like to learn more or to join the International Network for Responsible Biosciences, please click here.

Help us build a responsible research community!

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