Prof Ewa Łojkowska awarded Johannes Hevelius Award 2021 of the City of Gdańsk in life science

We are happy to inform you that a member of the ResBios family, Prof. Ewa Łojkowska, has been awarded the Johannes Hevelius Award 2021 of the City of Gdańsk in life science. This most important scientific distinction in Pomerania was awarded to Prof. Ewa Łojkowska for her outstanding scientific achievements in phytopathological research, especially her work in genetics and diagnostics of bacterial plant pathogens.

The Johannes Hevelius Award of the City of Gdańsk, also known as the Pomeranian Nobel Prize, has been awarded since 1987 to representatives of the Gdańsk scientific community for outstanding scientific achievements. The awards are presented at a special ceremony held every year on January 28, Johannes Hevelius’ birthday. This year the ceremony took place online.

“The Jan Hevelius Award of the City of Gdansk is a great honour and distinction for me, especially as it was awarded for the first time for research conducted on plants and factors causing their diseases, and more broadly for research in the field of plant biotechnology and molecular phytopathology. I am very happy that the splendour of the award will be bestowed on plant biotechnology and my whole research team. I am honoured with the award also because Gdańsk is my beloved city, which I have chosen as the place to live as a forty-year-old fully matured in science and life. I am very satisfied that I could develop my scientific research in Gdansk at the unique in Poland Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk.”
Prof Ewa Łojkowska said about the award:

Congratulations Prof. Ewa Łojkowska, all of us here on the ResBios project are very happy that your tremendous work is being recognised and we could not be happier to have you as a part of our fantastic team.

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