The next new normal… How our Ukrainian partners are carrying on!

As of the day of writing this, it has been 65 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, and during this time our thoughts have been with our friends, colleagues and the people of Ukraine. And although they have been struggling throughout this difficult time, and despite the fact the conflict has reached the once safe western regions of the country, our partners at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (IFNUL) are doing everything they can to continue to carry out activities and help promote the positive changes we hope to achieve through the ResBios project and the implantation of RRI, and we are so proud of our colleagues right now! For continuing to put their students and academic staff first, through the chaos going on around them. So we just wanted to take this time to talk through how our IFNUL team have had to adapt again to support the education of their students, and promote the ideals of RRI within their institution

Big News from the University of Gdansk

All of us at ResBios are so pleased to hear about the fantastic work that is being done by our partners at the University of Gdansk (UG) in addressing gender equality issues! After months of hard work, the University of Gdańsk's Social Responsibility Committee has outlined key objectives and areas of action to ensure effective diversity management at the institution, within their Gender Equality Plan (GEP), “for the implementation of gender equality policy at the University of Gdańsk."

RRI and Health Education in Zanzibar

After the “transfer knowledge sustainably” portion of this Proshed intervention, participants were then asked to consider what further work could be done to support other health and nutrition students of the State University of Zanzibar. Together some of the students developed an online format, that would serve as a digital hub for students interested in using the methods described in these Proshed sessions, and how it relates to nutrition and health education. The first contribution to this online format was a discussion about “Diabetes, health and nutrition during Ramadan”, which provided information on the research that was being done on how fasting during Ramadan effects patients with diabetes, and what could be done to support these patients during this period of celebration.

RRI and citizen science, how these approaches overlap

Summary of the online event “Reaching out and stepping up, how Citizen Science and RRI can enhance bioscience research”, jointly organised by ResBios and Step Change in March 2022

The ICM-CSIC publishes a Guide to promote non-sexist and inclusive communication at the Institute

The Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona has published a Guide for the use of inclusive and non-sexist communication aimed at all the centre's staff. The document, which is part of the actions included in the ICM-CSIC's Gender Equality Plan, provides communication resources, examples and guidelines that address the specific reality and daily activity of the Institute.

Fruitful collaborations

Throughout the ResBios project, our partners have been using this opportunity to mutually learn from each other, both to help each other develop robust RRI initiatives in their respective research institutes, but also using the opportunity to combine their expertise and conduct and publish research papers across the field of biosciences.

Reaching out to our friends and colleagues in Ukraine

A message to our Ukrainian partners at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, written on February 28.

Keeping Women in STEM Careers- Fixing the Leaky Pipe- Webinar

As part of the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) Awareness month. The ResBios project would like to invite you to join a discussion on Keeping Women in STEM Careers- Fixing the Leaky Pipe.

Ticked off the TODO list - ResBios and the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture are opening up science.

In September of 2021 our friends from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, attended the TODO National Open Data Conference (NODC2021) as representatives of the ResBios project. The team presented finding from a study conducted at their Faculty to determine how the frequency of academic and scientific papers being written by the academic staff within the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture had changed over the past decade, and to determine if open access publications and resources were being utilised by other university staff and students. Check out their findings and what happened next.

Prof Ewa Łojkowska awarded Johannes Hevelius Award 2021 of the City of Gdańsk in life science

We are happy to inform you that a member of the ResBios family, Prof. Ewa Łojkowska, has been awarded the Johannes Hevelius Award 2021 of the City of Gdańsk in life science. This most important scientific distinction in Pomerania was awarded to Prof. Ewa Łojkowska for her outstanding scientific achievements in phytopathological research, especially her work in genetics and diagnostics of bacterial plant pathogens.

Press Releases

Press release #1: Research organisations from across Europe have launched a major new project

It aims to embed Responsible Research and Innovation into the biosciences.

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