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Research organisations from across Europe have launched a major new project

It aims to embed Responsible Research and Innovation into the biosciences.


What does it mean diversity, gender and inclusion in STEM?

We are reading...shared by Andrea Declich

Check this insightful book, that addresses step by step the change needed for gender inclusion

Genome editing & RRI: can they be reconciled?

We are Andrea Declich

This paper seeks to take forward the discussion on RRI by extending it to bringing products to market in the context of genome edited livestock.

First Draft News

By Andrea Troncoso

This website has the mission to empower societies with accurate information in critical moments. It's a great source of good information.

Love in times of COVID-19

Gabriel Garcia Márquez, the Colombian writer, Literature Nobel Prize, wrote a novel in the middle of 80´s about a couple, hat lived an adventurous relationship amid an explosion of Colera illness, in a fictitious place in the Caribe...

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