Responsible research. Challenges for the biosciences and the policies - ResBios Final Conference

Programme - 7th Decemeber


Opening session


The Opening session is focused on the welcome addresses and on a general presentation of the ResBios project and the path that led to the final conference.

Welcome messages:
Carla Montesano, University of Rome - Tor Vergata, and Giacomo Frisanco, EURADA

Daniele Mezzana, University of Rome - Tor Vergata

Session 1 - Challenges in contemporary societies and the role / responsibility of biosciences

Chair person: Elena Buzan, University of Primorska

This session is focused on the role and responsibility of biosciences in contemporary societies. Among the issues to discuss are: what are the contexts and contemporary phenomena on which biosciences have a growing influence (health, climate change, food, bio-economy, etc.); what political and social pressures are bioscience receiving; how the biosciences are dealing with these issues.

Featuring contributions from:

  • Mónica Bettencourt-Dias, Director of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras
  • Vittorio Colizzi, University of Rome - Tor Vergata
  • Session 2 - Towards a new “social contract” between R&I and society


    Chair person: Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt, Aarhus University

    This session is focused on how to create a social space to put or foster the “responsibility” within the current trends in science and innovation, taking also into account the proposals of the ResBios Manifesto. Among the issues to discuss are: the transition to a different way of producing science and innovation; the transition to a new social contract between R&I and society (methods and anticipatory experiences); the tensions and contradictions of the changes taking place in the relationship between R&I and society; the issue of responsibility in R&I; the rules and adjustments necessary to promote responsibility in R&I; the concrete application of responsibility in R&I (projects and experiences in Europe and the world in this field); the role of the various stakeholders for responsible research and innovation.

    Featuring contribution from:

    • Wiebe Bijker, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
    • Luciano d'Andrea, Knowledge & Innovation Srls, Rome
    • 10:40- 10:55 Break

      (session 2, part 2) Interventions on How to implement a new social contract between R&I and society:

      Featuring contribution from:

    • ResBios representatives from Institut de Ciències del Mar (Janire Salazar), Democritus University of Thrace (Aglaia Pappa), University of Zagreb (Toni Safner), Ivan Franko University of Lviv (Olena Stasyk)
    • Roxane Bibard, SoScience , Paris
    • Luka Duniš, The StepChange project
    • Eleni Spyrakou,HYBRIDA

    12:30-13:30 - Lunch


    Session 3 - Groupwork: "Changing the course of science towards a more balanced and responsible relationship to society"


    13.30 ‒ 14.30: groupwork

    14.30 - 15.00: the groups report in plenary

    Three working groups will be held on the different contexts in which a responsible approach in R&I can be implemented:

    • Local-organizational contexts and their social / cultural environment (moderators: Doris Elster, University of Bremen and Dimitar Djilianov, ABI Sofia);

    • Disciplinary-professional contexts (Moderator: Elena Buzan, University of Primorska);

    • Global contexts (Moderator: Krzysztof Bielawski, University of Gdansk).

    • A fourth group will be held only online, focusing on all the three themes (Moderators: Andrea Declich, K&I and Laura Iacolina, University of Primorska).

    Session 4 - Policies: Support and Mainstreaming of “responsibility” in research & innovation


    This session is focused on how to support, in the European context, a mainstreaming of the theme of responsibility in R&I. Among the issues to discuss are: how to enhance the issue of responsibility within the Horizon Europe Program; the concrete areas of intervention to support responsibility in R&I; the role of the Quadruple Helix actors in possible future policies in support of responsibility in R&I.

    Chair person: Fabio Feudo, Knowledge & Innovation Srls

    Featuring contribution from:

    • Georgios Papanagnou, European Commission, DG RTD
    • Ingeborg Meijer, Leiden University
    • Stefan Philipp, Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, Vienna

    Presentation of the International Network for Responsible Biosciences from Carla Montesano and Daniele Mezzana (University of Rome - Tor Vergata).

    16:00 - Conclusions

“Responsibility in research & innovation. Challenges for the biosciences and future policies”

Presentation Note

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